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5 New Data Structures Services!

Although Troy Tutors supports tutoring for over 100 courses at RPI, since the beginning, Data Structures tutoring continues to be our most popular offering on Troy Tutors. It was the first course we ever offered on Troy Tutors. In fact, Troy Tutors was initially founded by an RPI alumni, to provide additional support for students who were struggling in Data Structures. It was the foundation for what made Troy Tutors special, and the inspiration for what Troy Tutors has become today. Today, almost 40% of Data Structures students use Troy Tutors, and we have helped hundreds of previously struggling RPI Data Structures students master the course! Every semester, we continue to increase our offerings based on what our customers want, and starting January 2024, we are thrilled to be announcing 5 Data Structures tutoring services at Troy Tutors!

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