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Data Structures Plus Private Mentor Program

Also offered for Computer Science I

Learn about Data Structures+, it's pricing, and how to sign up. With our private mentorship program, you learn alongside a former RPI Data Structures student (mentor), who is now thriving professionally as an alumni, and has at least 5-8 years of RPI Data Structures tutoring experience. You can learn more about our mentors at

To sign up, text (518) 323 - 7018. We will set up a free consultation where we will coordinate a weekly schedule between the student and mentor of choice, schedule your tutoring sessions, and give you access to all the services listed.

*If you subscribe before, January 17th, 2023, we will throw in 2 free one-on-one data structures tutoring sessions!* 

3 Reserved One-on-One Data Structures Tutoring Sessions Included a Week ($600 /month Value + Ability to Guarantee Tutoring Availability)

Work with the same mentor, one-on-one, 3 times a week, at reoccurring times each week. These weekly sessions are reserved for you, meaning you will never be in a situation where there are no more tutoring sessions left a week, as this time has been set aside by your mentor, exclusively for you. 


Daily Direct Messaging/Video Chat Access to Your Mentor, Outside of Your Tutoring Sessions ($350 / month Value)

Your mentor will be available every Monday-Friday 5:00pm-5:15pm and every Saturday-Sunday 11:45am-12:00pm to chat about any questions you have, or take a look at a bug you're currently running into. You can either join a Troy Tutors Chat call, that may have other mentees in it, or communicate with your mentor by text, if that makes you feel more comfortable. Monday to Saturday is drop-in and always held, while Sunday must be reserved with your mentor at least 18 hours in advance.


Custom Practice Problems Sent Out Weekly ($100 /month Value)

Every week, your mentor will send out practice problems based on the content covered that week in Data Structures. These problems are hand crafted by the tutor and based on 5-8 years of RPI Data Structures tutoring experience and historical data of the type of problems solved in Data Structures at RPI.


Access Weekly Live Recitation Lectures and Troy Tutors Tube Streaming Service ($49 /month)

Access to the weekly live recitation lectures and videos included in Computer Science Pro. The recitation lectures review everything covered that week in Data Structures at RPI. Our live lectures are extremely helpful for students who may have not understood a topic in covered in lecture, needed to miss a lecture, or overslept through a lecture. Students also get access to Troy Tutors tube, where we upload Data Structures lecture recordings and other exclusive Data Structures content.

$1099 value + exclusive sessions reserved for you + exclusivity with your mentor, all for

$929 / month*

To enroll, first text (518) 323 - 7018, so we can set up reserved times for you and your mentor to meet.

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* subject to 3% online payment fee
* the price may increase for new subscribers (not existing subscribers) throughout the semester, as we have limited availability and supply for this program. By subscribing now, you are locking in the current rate above, and it will never increase in price for you while subscribed. As a reference, the first 5 subscribers can lock-in for $799 /month. From there, the next 5 subscribers can lock-in for $899/month. The following subscribers can expect to see increases at a similar proportion. Because we can only support up to 30 students as part of this subscription, to ensure the highest quality of this program, if we reach 30 subscribers, we won't be able to take on any more students for the private mentor program.
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