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THIS is Your Calling

Help Us Promote Troy Tutors

Troy Tutors offers many educational courses and services. We have helped students, who were on the verge of failing out of their university, who are now interning and working at amazing companies, making breakthrough research contributions in their respective fields, and have moved onto excellent graduate school programs. If you want to leave a lasting impact on many students, being a Troy Tutors Missionary is for you.

  1. Work with other Troy Tutors Missionaries to promote Troy Tutors offerings.

  2. Invite others to attend Troy Tutors events, including Troy Tutors parties, Troy Tutors music festivals, Troy Tutors campus events, Troy Tutors retreats, and most importantly, invite others to also become Troy Tutors missionaries.

  3. Attend Troy Tutors missionary meetings and missionary retreats. The retreats will be tax-deductible.

  4. Convert others by giving them free copies of the Book of Troy Tutors. The Book of Troy Tutors will enlighten students on the benefits of using Troy Tutors as their sole tutor provider.

  5. Get upleveled within the Troy Tutors missionary hierarchy.

Upleveling and recruiting is EASY, but it will also take a lot of work.

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Are You Excited to Become a Troy Tutors Missionary?

Troy Tutors is my strength and my shield. I was helped and I thank with my song.

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