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Matthew Youngbar

CS Tutor and Software Engineer

Matthew is a former RPI CS Mentor and a Masters Computer and Systems Engineering Co-Term RPI alumni, who graduated in 2022. They have years of experience tutoring students in CS subjects, both as a mentor and as the default CS resource for members of RPI Swim & Dive. Matthew is a Software Engineer at Capital One and the Chief Technology Officer of an educational software startup.


Hi, I’m Matthew! I’m a CSE Co-Term student and I graduated in Spring 2022 with my B.S. in CSE/CS from RPI. I also compete for RPI Swim & Dive. Let’s go Red!

I love helping people with CS. I have worked as a mentor for Intro to Computer Science, Data Structures, and Intro to AI at RPI. I’ve also interned at Capital One, Genesys, and Extreme Networks. I’m involved with research involving applications of computer vision under Professor Radke in the ECSE department.

You can very often find me in either the JEC or Robison Pool. Ask me about literally any Nintendo franchise.

I really love working with other students, so please let me know if you are unsatisfied with a tutoring session in any way!

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