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Dylan Sheils

Physics and Computer Science Tutor

Dylan is a Computer Science and Physics major at RPI. His main interests are theoretical computer science and quantum physics.

I am a passionate, Computer Science/Physics dual interested in sharing my interests. I have helped a lot of my personal friends get through their classes and loved doing it. I wish to continue doing this. My interest in Computer Science is mostly theoretical-I love algorithms and discrete math. In a similar vein, I have an interest in Physics, a more theory-centric, centralizing on quantum physics. Pedagogically, I believe that these theory classes are unnecessarily intimidating more so than difficult, heavily relying on math in their explanations, and which often given with such brevity that appreciation is a secondary concern to passing an exam. I whole-heartedly believe that these are exactly the types of classes which garner the greatest benefit from a tutor, as someone who can help make the subject more approachable by motivating and explaining the math to make the ingenuity behind it evident and who, in combination with course work, reinforce the necessary perspective to make the subjects both enjoyable and approachable. If you are willing, I would like to be given a chance to help you!

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