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Free Data Structures Saturdays Policies

Please read all of the information to the right before booking.

As RPI alumni and former Data Structures students, we remember what it was like to be a college student, on a college budget. If you only wish to use Troy Tutors for Free Data Structures Saturdays, that is totally fine. We hope our Free Data Structures Saturdays program is helpful to students and families on a budget. There is no denying how expensive college is, and we hope we are able to continue to prioritize affordability (see Top 5 Things that Make Troy Tutors Different and Successful on our About page, to see how we do this). If you have any feedback or recommendations on how we can improve your experience with the Free Data Structures Saturdays program, do not hesitate to contact us at either 

(518) 323 - 7018 or

Event Time

Drop-in office hours are held Saturdays, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm.


Booking Time

Please reserve your spot at least 18 hours in advance, to guarantee a tutor will show up on Saturday, and do guarantee a spot for you during office hours. The tutor will not show up in the case that no student has reserved a spot, as the tutor assumes no one would be attending.


Spam Filters/Creating an Account

We highly recommend you create an account and are logged in when booking. Otherwise, your booking confirmation email, and the link to join, may accidentally end up in your spam box or a spam filter. 

Instead, after booking while logged in, go under your profile, and select "My Bookings." While is not required to create an account before booking, this will reduce the likelihood of you having issues joining Free Data Structures Saturdays.


Unlike one-on-one Troy Tutors sessions, homework-related topics cannot be discussed during Free Data Structures Saturdays (since it is a group event). For homework-related topics, book here.

If you are looking to discuss homework-related topics, please book a Troy Tutors Data Structures Tutoring session instead. Unlike Troy Tutors one-on-one sessions, during Free Data Structures Saturdays, homework assignments cannot be discussed. The reason is because you would be talking about your personal homework solutions, progress, or sharing homework ideas in front of other students in a group setting, and we want to prevent students from stealing your work. This specific event is for lecture topics and exam preparation only. Please only discuss homework-related topics here.


Please book if you plan on attending (and only if you plan on attending).

If you don't book Free Data Structures Saturdays in advance, and no one else ends up booking, a tutor will not be at the event, so even if you have the session link from a previous event, we require you to book through Troy Tutors, just like any other Troy Tutors tutoring session. Additionally, if you book a session, and did not attend (no-show), we cannot guarantee we will be there the next time you book.


Joining on Time

After 30 minutes, if no students are currently in attendance, we may end early. To prevent this from happening to you, we recommend you attend the event on time.

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